Piano Girl

Yet an inner strength
Shoulders, arms, hands & fingers
So fine, refined
I watch as your long fingers
Seemingly float over the keys
The curves of your back
Your breathing given away
You know I am watching
My gaze penetrates
I listen as you play
The same notes
The chords a clue
The subtle cues
I know your body
Our language
You are mine

Pete Ibbertson 20 October 2012

Release Me

Release me
Fold back the layers
Caress my soul
The ache is strong
I need Your touch
To hear Your words
To feel You

Release me
Undress my heart
Remove the shackles
The chains that bite
My flesh is Yours
Naked to my core

Release me
The shutters are gone
My mind is clear
For only You
Free my wings
Let’s me Soar

Pete Ibbertson 20 October 2012

Pain Sharp

A test anew
Trials, doubts
Too soon
Pain sharp
Heart felt
Pain sharp
Worth it
No doubt
Breath deep
Pain sharp

Pete Ibbertson 30 September 2012

Shifting Sands

The dance of a new…shifting sands
Learning is slow…although thought fast
Defensive in misunderstanding
Everything taken personally

Emotions run deep
Worn like a badge
Knowing one should pull back
To control; to balance

Fears creep; no hold they get
The heart has leaped
Too soon; it’s known
Dull ache resides

Pete Ibbertson 21 September 2012


Distance is a mind fuck
Loving someone
Without touch
No kiss

To feel their pain
With no caress
No reaching out
To console

Easier they say
Just walk away
Easier for whom
For my soul, no

Love has
No boundaries
or timeframes
Be fearless

For my soul
is touched
by another afar

I am fearless
with love, with pain
To continue
My souls’ only option

Pete Ibbertson 4 September 2012

Souls Touched

Joyful, a warmth washes over me
Surreal, the violin strings lash at my core
Tempos changing, piano keys lightly touched
Beautiful Soul, heart aches

Desire so strong
Heart fuelled…pumping
Smiles true, eyes sparkle
For you my Soul is touched

Never again the same
Aglow in new knowledge
An awareness so strong
Tomorrow is anew

For you were there before
Souls touched
A life time ago
Together again as if never left

Energies are free
We collide…we kiss
Entwined in destiny

Pete Ibbertson 22 August 2012

Strangers Alone…

It’s cold, rain is battering the roof
Driven by the unrelenting wind
My mind drifts…to what may have been
We connected deeply
Soul mates…telling each other
Deepest fears, desires
The emotion, palatable
Fate, the Universe…
Call it what you will
Other plans for us it seems
Together? Unknown
Happy to have known
Albeit too brief
Farewell, adieu…
Our spirits soar
On a journey
Strangers alone.

Pete Ibbertson 29 July 2012


It is a constant
Even when YOU think your life is static
Energy is moving
Around, through
All living beings
Change is good
Change brings opportunities
New beginnings
and yes Endings
with sadness
with happiness
with LOVE
You can’t fight change
So why try
Accept it
Embrace it
One certainty
It never ends

Pete Ibbertson 25 July 2012

Talking to the Universe

Hello…are you listening?
Life is moving fast
New twists & turns to navigate
Travelling into the unknown
The unchartered
Energy levels high
But misdirected
Acknowledge as much
Will you help me?
To navigate my way
To find my true desires
To find my place on this Earth
To find my soul, complete…

Pete Ibbertson 20 July 2012

Exotic Capital

Exotic Capital
Your Soul
See through your eyes
Connecting your smile
Kisses, Carresses
Arching your back
Over face, Over hand
Pure Bliss
Exotic Capital

By Pete Ibbertson 6 July 2012