A letter to my breasts…

Dear breasts,

It is with both joy & sadness that I bid you farewell. For 47 years, 6 months, 6 days, you have been quite attached.

I admit I have been somewhat ambivalent; you are neither too big nor small; still have the elasticity perking up for your age; no abnormal discharges from the nips…and the nips yes glorious pleasure they have provided…shsshh you know to what I refer.

Alas though we are parting company. You don’t belong to this body; never did. The universe has joined forces bringing that fact to the forefront with Cancer being its tool.

Hopefully contained within your flesh, you will rid me of the Cancer…I bid you a fond farewell…

…it is a Bitter Sweet moment.

Yours with love

18 June 2014

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