Reality of Life

It happens…rarely, fleetingly.
Deep in thought;you walk by…
barely acknowledging those around you.
Your face gives little away…except to
a few that have found a crack…
The turmoil in your mind…
Frighteningly evident.

You reach out to few
Shouldering all yourself
Standing alone…as you believe
is the only way
I watch from a distance
Wanting to reach out
Knowingly…I shake my head

Friendships bloom
In circumstances least
favourable; such times
when distractions are
helpful…aye they often
become long lasting

Time…choices made…external
impacts of other’s lives
Decisions made oft not
of own desires…life is
too short to follow what
has come before; what has always been
is not always what is right “in the now”.

Chances must be taken to really live
Risks they may be; without doing so
how will you ever know…desires,
passion…listen to what is in your heart.
The “feelings” are real.

You know my mantra…
loving fearlessly is not for
the faint hearted…to be
exposed willingly…
to be open for the
enivitable wounds
being reopened
Rips and tears barely healed
Stitches and scars torn open

…patched up…move on
shoulder all that life
throws alone…may be
that is for the best…the

Pete Ibbertson
11 June 2013