Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island


Onetangi Beach or “weeping sands” for me is a place I come to listen, feel…my peace.

Back in the 1800s it was the site of much bloodshed as Hongi Heke & his tribe killed the last of the original Maoris that made this Island their home.

I find solace here. She embraces me…calms me. The clutter of my mind becomes still…so I can hear my inner voice…I can hear my guides…my guardian angels pass on what I already know to be true for me & the path I am on.

I will leave this island in the New Year…not until late March…I will always return…though I know in my heart not for good. My place is elsewhere…what I do know is the ocean will never be far away from wherever “home” is.

It’s an exiting journey ahead…

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