A year later…12 December 2013…


…a year ago today…if anyone had said…

1. You will sell your house privately
2. You will finally know who you are
3. You will embark on an adventure…


…and now I know it to be true.

Today I turned 47 earth years…frankly I truly do not feel an exact age…if I had to choose I would say 30s…not for any particular reason apart from fact that is how I feel…some realism I guess 😀

The picture above is my sanctuary…Onetangi beach on Waiheke Island…today Gaia put on a spesh day for me. Even Dolphins playing in the bay this afternoon..had a wonderful lunch with mum…and a wonderful evening with friends…hats off to my bestie, Jill ::mwahs sweets::

I have truly been humbled by the outpouring of love for me today…I have had a wonderful birthday,


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