Cycle of Life

We gather in the morning mist
Silence filling the air…heavy laden
with thoughts unspoken for fear…
Fear; freezes the most open of minds
to withdraw from chance

We walk together as the mist rises
Neither a murmur spoken; the chill
remaining, clinging to our strides.
A chill; freezing our hearts, encasing
them in ice…away from risks

We walk…parting company as the
path divides. A glance, eyes locked
No words spoken, except the silent
goodbyes…our paths taking us on new
journeys…separately seeking
Adventures anew…the mist rises

Clear skies ahead as I walk my path
The warmth melting the ice
around my heart
The eyes smiling as the mind frees
Opportunities abound
Take a chance…take a risk…
Cycle of life continues…

Pete Ibbertson
2 July 2013

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