The sea foams…rises up…recedes…
Taking away from the beach sands
Walking bare footed along
Footprints taken too
It cleanses my mind…thoughts stilled
the jumble of noise quietens
The answers are within
The questions already answered
Take a moment; be mindful
in the moment…being…and allowing
the emptiness to become silent.

The sea foams…like a washing machine
Swirling around with the ebb of the tide
Dragging back all that it catches
Strangely it is soothing in its roughness
The danger of being swept back out
with the other debris…as if knowing
the peace that is felt within…the strength
that grows with every drag in and out of the waves.
It is a rhythm…it has its own pace and sounds
that moderates thoughts and heartbeats…
until no more is heard.

The sea foams…it hears my thoughts
It takes them from me
Releases the fears

Clarity is found in those moments
Fleeting rare; a gift
From the ocean’s depths

The sea foams…
Leaving the beach; awash

Pete Ibbertson
6 August 2013

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